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Get Beautiful Feet In One Week

Get Beautiful Feet In One WeekIf you think that by washing your feet with the most expansive shampoo or food wash is all that you dry feet need then you are wrong and you need to start thinking about your feet all over again, we have the most thickest and the most hard skin on our feet and they cannot get moisturizer from our body and they need to get something from outside too, if you want to keep your feet healthy and beautiful then you need to look after them with the blend of healthy food and lots of water intake too, I know that this is becoming my pet sentence, but I actually know they benefits of drinking water and I want you to get the benefits too.

Here are some simple steps to get healthy and beautiful feet naturally.

Step 1: – First of all you need to keep your feet neat and clean, you need to keep your feet fresh avoid all kind of dust, dirt and dead cells actually these ugly looking cracks are the develop due to dust, dryness and dead cells and if you are taking care of all of that then you never really have to treat cracks

Step 2: – try to take a worm water bath every night and that will help your feet too, or you can try to take some hot water in a bucket and add some salt and some shampoo in it and soak your feet in it and then scrub your feet a bit no matter if you need it or not, if you keep scrubbing your feet on daily basis then you will feel that your moisturizes work the best in clean feet and it keep your fresh for longer time of period

Step 3: – Never use the same moisturizer for your body and for your feet, cause you need to apply the thickest and the heaviest one for your feet and the best time is after drying up your feet, take some Vaseline or some feet lotion in your hands and massage the area until the cream is completely absorbed, pay more attention on your heels and your nails cause if you ignore your toe nails you might get feet cuticles and they are so painful….

Step 4: – if you think that Vaseline is not working the you should try olive oil cause this is one thing that always work and always make a huge difference, and the best way to apply olive oil is to use it worm and then apply that over your feet for 10 minutes, keep massaging till you see that it is fully absorbed and fully disappear and your keel seems pretty absorbed and moisturized….
Use socks when you go out, whenever it is possible and that will keep your feet protected from sun, dust and other harmful things and if you apply some moisturizer before you wear soaked then it will keep your feet soft and moisturized too.

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