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Get Beautiful Lips

Get Beautiful LipsWe are going to share some tips for you to get perfect lips and these are safest and coolest tips to get baby soft pink lips there here are some trick for you, if you keep using then on regular basis then you will not only get beautiful lips, but it will keep them like that for rest of your life in all seasons, no matter if it is extremely hot or extremely cold.

First of all you need to see if you are eating well and if you are drinking enough water, and try to use best branded cosmetics, and keep an eye on expiry date of your cosmetics and if you get some kind of changed fragrance in your cosmetics then get rid of them immediately.

Now we will give you a list of fruits that are good for your lips, try to take all kind of fruits and all kind of juices, but the best fruit that you need to try is all those fruits that have dark colors and green leaves…. and drink lots of water and milk, now we are going to try some tips for pink beautiful lips.

Apply some fresh cream of fresh milk and if you have shade issue of your lips then add some turmeric in it and apply for a night and in the morning rub it off with cotton towel and apply some Vaseline immediately.

Apply some petroleum jelly or lip balm every time you wash your face and apply some oil essentials to keep your lips soft.

Use some beetroot juice on your lips before you go to bed and that will keep your lips healthy and fresh and you will feel natural pink color.

Make some thick past of red rose petals and add some fresh cream in it and keep it in your freezer and apply that every night and brush it off in the morning and that will keep your lips natural read.

Use a sugar and lemon scrub three times a week and that will not only exfoliate your lips, but it will keep your skin on your lips smooth and fresh and you will prevent dead and chipped lips too.

Don’t use too much cosmetic and if you really have to then try some lip gloss or homemade lips to get new look.

Smile a lot and be happy.

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