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Get Effortless Gorgeous Face

Get Effortless Gorgeous FaceThese are so many tips and tricks that you can use and pick to get a perfect look for years, you just need to pick one that is good for your face and your looks, I cannot say that you can use all of these tricks cause I don’t actually know you so you need to be really smart and then you will be able to get your casual look, just keep practice and be innovative and bold, you have right to look beautiful naturally you just need to make efforts for this effortless look.

First of all if you want to look natural then you need to make sure that you have natural good skin and beautiful hair and healthy eyes, I am not saying that you can ignore hand foot and body, but these things come secondary, so first of all you will make sure that you have beautiful natural looks and now we are going to give you some simple tips to get a beautiful effortless look.

Remove dark circles or loose bags from under your eyes using spoons. To keep your skin tight and young, or to remove ugly dark circles, try taking two metal spoons and putting them in the freezer for about 30 minutes to an hour. When you remove them from the freezer, press them against the skin under your eyes. People don’t really know how or why this works, but it does.

First of all you need to pick the dress and that is very important that your dress should look casual, but should show off the best assets of your body and make sure that the shade go with your skin tone and your hair now we will start to create your look with the best makeup possible.

We will start with foundation and pick only one of two shades lighter or darker then your own skin shade, wash your face and apply some kind of moisturizers on your face and while it is getting absorbed, take some foundation in your hands and rub between your hands and then apply over your face and make sure you are trying to get a natural look so don’t overdo and spend time on applying foundation cause you want a natural look, don’t apply over lips though.

Now we will start with lashes and you need a transparent mascara and lightest eyeliner possible and eyelash curler and now apply one coat on your wet lashes and then curl them immediately and now apply fine eye liner close to your lash and now apply another coat of mascara.

If you have light skin tone then you should pick very natural shares for eyes and cheeks, like peach or light pick or brown, but if you have darker shades the pick bright colors, but be modest and apply with your finger tip and rub the shade over your lid and mix it with light highlighter and now smile with big pose and make a dote on your cheeks apple with your shade and the spread it with your hands and if you need contorting then go for it, but be modest.

Last but not least, lips, apply plain lip-gloss and that is one thing that will make you look flawless and effortless, use the lightest lip-gloss and rub it with your finger tips.

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