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Get Longer & Thicker Lashes! Mascara Tips

Get Longer, Thicker Lashes: Mascara TipsThe most appealing thing of your face is your eyes, that tell every thing about your feeling and inspirations. Girls are mostly liked by guys due to their pretty face and beautiful broad shinny eyes. For inspiriting look of your eyes you need to Get Longer, Thicker Lashes that help you a lot to get broad eyes that definitely attract guys and give you more femininity appearance.

Follow these tips to get required look.

  • For longer and thicker lashes you need to apply mascara start from the inner most edge of your eye lashes.Apply a little pressure on your eye lid so that your eye lashes expose more outer word and then apply maraca in equal small strokes.

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  • If your lashes are too short then you need to apply false eye lashes other wise you can get your eye lashes thicker and longer with the help of eye lash curler.
  • Always apply maraca on your eye lashes in two coats, one before curling and one after curling.

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  • Apply some amount of talcum powder on your lashes with the help of an other mascara brush and then apply an additional mascara coat this will support your eye lashes a lot to give them a very dramatic longer, thicker and attractive look.
  • Apply best mascara that is from your trusted cosmetic company and after every use keep it tightly close.

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With these few tips you can make your eyes more broad and Get Longer, Thicker Lashes.

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