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Get Rid Of Body Odor

Get Rid Of Body OdorThere are lots of people you meet every day that has horrible and so strong body odder that you cannot stand with them, but what if you are one of those too ? Do you tell them that they have order and they need help? No! What if you have and they don’t tell you that too? Let’s try some simple tips to get rid of these smells and once they work for you, get some courage and share them with your friends too and the best way to do that is sit with all of your friends and tell them that you have been using some tips to get rid of body odder and you want to know if they are working or not, you would love the answers;) and that would be the good way to tell them without embarrassing them and they might start using these tips too.

Take a bath everyday and if possible three or two times a day and if its summer then try to take a shower whenever it is possible, and use a loofah to scrub off the mountains of salt and bad germs your body stored during the day, you need to dip your loofah in a mixture of water and baby shampoo and rub it on your body specially on problem areas, spend extra time scrubbing your underarms and use nice perfumed shampoo.

Use deodorant and try different brands and different types of deodorant and keep switching then and make sure you know which one work for longer time of period and then start that brand and buy different smells of that brand.

Check your laundry washing habits, do you think that you are a neat and clean persona and do you think that you have good hygiene in all aspects? Do you get dirty smell in your washed cloths? If you do then change your deterging right now, it may be contributing to your body odor problem and if you change it you should buy the best detergent possible and try to get some fabric softener and conditioner too.

Change your diet, eat healthy and good food, try to avoid garlic, curry and some other strong-smelling foods for a while and see if this is the reason of your body odder or not and if it is then you should minimize the use and try to drink more water than usual when you eat these food and you can eat them twice a month and that will help your odder issues.

Now one of the best things that I got for body odder is alum, yes! You just need to make fine powder of alum and keep it in your bathroom and one finely shaped alum bar now when you take bath just scrub your under arm and your issues areas with the small amount of powder and then wash it off with running water and then when you don’t with your bath just take the bar and rub over your skin and let it get dry and then sprinkle some talcum powder or some baking powder and you will see the drastic difference.

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