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Get Soft & Beautiful Feet

Get Soft & Beautiful FeetWho like to have dry, cracked feet, they don’t look beautiful , they don’t look sexy at all and they are they drastically spoil your overall look and show a very bad impact regarding your lifestyle, your food and the way you treat your body and yourself, especially if you like to wear strappy sandals, then your rough looking feet will not only look embarrassing, but ugly too and even bad if you are going out and you need to take off your shoes there, I am not saying that you guys don’t look after your feet, but you might not taking the right path to get beautiful feet?

So let’s try some tips and see if you are doing all of these and if you are one of those who are taking good care of your feet and they still get dry and cracked no matter what, then I would say you need some medical help, it might be a way of your body to tell you that there is something very bad or wrong going on inside your body.

Get Soft & Beautiful Feet-

Here are some very simple and very easy tips to get healthy, beautiful and soft feet.

  • First of all you need to understand two things, the skin on your feet is 75% thicker and harder than your whole body and they cannot absorb water from your food and your daily water intake, so you need to provide water or let’s say moisturizer externally, and then next most important and the very basic thing your feet get the mountains of dead cells and dead skin during the day and that is the main and the only reason of scars, cracks and ugly looking rough skin on your feet, these dead cells make your feet look ugly and hard and if you take care of these dead cells you will never see these rough and cracked feet ever again.
  • Here is a simple routine that you need to follow and you will rock simply beautiful feet.
  • Never get in bed before your wash your feet with brush and lava stone or whatever you use to scrub dead cells of your feet, you need to maintain a daily habit.
  • After that apply some kind of foot cream Vaseline, petroleum jelly, or a mixture of rose water, glycerin and lime, if you think that lime is too harsh then you can add some alum powder in your mixture and rub it till it get fully absorbed and then wear some cotton socks and go to sleep.
  • If you think that your toenails are getting yellow or weak then try some garlic on them, this is the ultimate home remedy for your nails and you just need to rub one clove of garlic on all the toe nails and then wear some cotton soaks and go to sleep.
  • In the morning you need to take a bath without sleepers and let your feet absorb the water and then brush your feet carefully and then apply some simple body cream and you are ready to go.
  • You need to use scrubber on your feet 4 times a week and you can try any ready to use product for that, but if you don’t have at home then you can use a mixture of lime, sugar and olive oil for that too.
  • Paraffin bath is great for three times in a month.
  • If it is possible for you to get some bee wax then you can use it for your feet to, just meld it in a pan and add some olive oil in it while you are cooking it and then rub it over your feet when it is still a bit worm.
  • If you think that you have horribly and painful crakes then you can try my all time favorite bath for your feet and you just need to boil turnip in three litter water and then add some mustered oil and some salt in the tub and soak your feet in the mixture, be careful cause if it is still too hot, and try this in the evening and wear some socks after that without washing your feet.

Best of luck.

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