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Glitter Eye Makeup

Glitter Eye MakeupGlitter Eye Makeup is the kind of makeup that help to give you a more femininity look and make you much attractive for others.Here we will do this in few easy steps.

  • First prime your eyes with urban decay primer and then blend this on your lid with the help of your soft finger tip.Preferably you ring finger is best to spread it out into the whole eyelid.
  • Now pick up white shadow and apply it smoothly on your eye lid up to crease line of your eyelid and again blend well.If you have darker skin tone then cream shade is better then white for you.
  • Now take stiff dome brush by Mac 217 that is best for picking more color and proper blending.An orange shade of golden color is the next shadow and apply this shadow on the outer corner of the eye, and make a crease line above the crease with orange shade base.On this base coat then apply peach shadow that look really cool and give your eye a soft look.
  • And then apply a high lighter of the white shade on your brow bone.After high lighting you again need to apply topping brown color in the outer corner of the eye lid to give your shadow a definite shadow. With the help of smaller tip of brush apply this shadow on the lower eyelid.
  • Now again turn to apply white color on your eye lid inner corner of the eye, apply this white shade start from tear duct and half of the eyelid.
  • Now this is time to apply liner and mascara to give your eyes a perfect black crease, apply liner near to lash line so that it give you a softer look and then apply glitter in a way you just dab it  on the eyelids and let it to dry that quickly dry and give your eyes a shimmery look and now you are ready with your Perfect Glitter Eye Makeup.

This is the basic technique of applying Glitter eye makeup but you can add different shimmers and glitters on your eyelids according to the situation and of your own choice.

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