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Golden Bronze Eye Makeup Tutorial

Golden Bronze Eye Makeup Tutorial0I haven’t tried something glamorous for quite a time and I can say that I was kind of missing shimmery shades so I decided to try something goldish for this weekend and I am going to try something bright and something super hot, even though winter is still not showing up, but I want to try this worm look and I am hoping that you will like it, as it is actually very simple, and it takes me all about five minutes to do even if you are not very expert with that, then I can assure you with a little smoothness and care you can get that look in few minuets.
As usual we will start with moisturizer and primer and primer is very important in that look cause I want to carry that look for whole evening and when you want to carry a look for longer hour then you have to start with good primer which act as a glue to keep the products on the place for longer than hours, I apply primer and then foundation or concealer and blend well.Golden Bronze Eye Makeup Tutorial1
Now you need to take the warmest golden eye shadow and apply on the whole lower crease, from inner corner to outer corner, now take a light brown shade in your fluffy brush and start blending it on the upper crease an blend the golden with the same brush all over your lid, although we don’t want golden on the upper crease, but we will sooth down the harsh lines of golden with brown shade.
Now you need to take the same golden shadow with your angle brush and apply under lash line and you need to draw a very thin a neat and clean line along with lower lash, but don’t carry the shade till your inner corner, you need to apply the line on just lash area and then take a beige shade and apply that under the eye brow and enhance the arch or your brows.
Now you need to take greenish golden shade and create the V at the outer corner and blend it inward with your fluffy brush and make a smooth smoky eye look with that and you need to use the same greenish gold shade under lash line too and then take greenish gold liner and draw a perfect lines over the lash line and then take a smooth mate browning gold shade and apply that inner tear point and rub it with your finger and finish the look with couple of coats of mascara.Golden Bronze Eye Makeup Tutorial
I hope you will like it.

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