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Guy Fawkes Day\Guy Fawkes Night

Bonfire night
Now A Days People Celebrate this Bonfire night in such a way in London

Guy Fawkes Day Guy Fawkes Night also known as Bonfire Night, that commemorates prevention of a plot to blow up the houses of Parliament In London in 1605.Guy Fawkes night is annually held on November 5.This night every year,bring people back to hundreds years in London where Catholic prevent a Plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London in 1605.Many people from that time to till now light bonfires and set off fireworks.

People from  different walk of life take great interest in the celebration of this Bonfire night even in schools students in their school ground gather and many students light bonfire and set fireworks and sing songs and dance with their partners and at that night teachers also let them to dance with their own choice of dance with their favorite partner.

Actually this is the celebration at the end of autumn season and this will provide a good opportunity to the people to burn rubbish in the garden and welcome spring with open arms after this sweep clean.This is some time become a family entertaining program to join all family members in light larger bonfire in a communal space.While in the country like London this bonfire organized in towns and cities  by the professionals, they show their tricks in the open areas like parks and other sort of communal space.This is not a public holiday as on that day all working people work in their offices as well as students go to school but many school celebrate this night with their students to give them the awareness and entertainment.There are many entertaining units who like to entertain people by organize public bonfire along with the display of fireworks on November 5 every year.This event is Purely belongs to Guy Fawkes attempt to blow up the Parliament In London on November 5,1605.

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