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Halloween Wedding Ideas

halloween wedding reception ideas
Halloween wedding theme that present best thing about Halloween Weddings

Halloween Wedding Ideas:In this modern era new wedding ideas are coming and Halloween wedding is one of them. Mostly couples are willing to arrange a Halloween wedding because Halloween wedding is a great opportunity to create a very special Halloween retardation. Having a Halloween wedding you can forget about the traditional and ordinary wedding . Halloween wedding is an excellent to have a memorable and fun wedding day. If you arrange Halloween wedding your lovely ones will talking about your wedding years to come because Halloween wedding has become popular.here are some tips to plan a unique, fun and special Halloween wedding.
Bride and Groom:
You can make it really simple that bride wear the black or red slim f fitting dress and black veil or long gloves and the groom wear black tux and black shirt with black tie. Groom can also use the black cap with his black dress. If you want to be the romantic type couple so your shopping must be the prince
and fairy or lord and lady then you will be looking so charming.
Flowers for wedding :
For your Halloween wedding you can make your wedding flowers while using these colors blood red roses,white roses, pink roses,black roses and you can mix some leaves in it or you can also use orange , yellow, day lily’s and tiger lily’s flowers while making your wedding flowers.
Church for wedding :
Rather than the modern church choose the old church, this will be also very important to create perfect image of Halloween Wedding.

Halloween wedding theme,decoration and reception for the Halloween Weddings
Halloween wedding essentials and accessories

Invitations cards for wedding:
Carefully choose your wedding invitations cards .you can also make your cards while using different colors of leaves and pumpkins.
Reception :
Decorate the tables with black cloth and red napkins and scatter black and orange lights on the middle of the table and use the dry ice behind the table for creating a smoke effects.Some people use pumpkin Lamp shades to create an impact of Halloween.
Wedding cake:
Pumpkin cake with black, white and orange frosting are the best for Halloween Wedding as this will be the right match of Halloween with your wedding Day.

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