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Hand And Nail Care

hand and nail careYour hands are some time very noticeable while you are in some where a special place or a party and many people whom you care are there to see you.Like your face your hands and specially nail, as the stronger and healthier nail are an incarnation of good health.

Every one like to call good and care about himself and if you are some what stylish then its become more important to choose an healthy life style that can help you more to get charming look.Here we are here with some very effective and informative Hand And Nail Care tips that really Works.

Firstly you should know about the requirement of your body parts according to their structure and frame of work.You use your  hands while writing,cooking,typing,eating,combing and so on this mean it is the most working organ that touch with many things.Some things contain many kinds of chemical that can effect the skin of your hands as well as your nails that directly effect by your work.Here is the need to protect your hands all kinds of harshness that spoil the beauty of your hands.

How To Keep Your Hands And Nail Safe:

Always wear rubber gloves while washing dishes or clothes as washing detergents contain some kind of chemical that protect your skin of hands and nails.While you cover your hands with rubber glove then you protect your hands from over drying and loss of essential fats that keep your skin healthy and soft.With this your nails too safe and out of the threat of being broken.Apply  a layer of intensive hand cream, once a week. After the application  of that cream on your hand wear a white cotton gloves
the cream will  penetrates into the skin and nails And then strengthen them.
The Best Tip For Beautiful Hands:You need

  • Rubber glove
  • Paraffin Wax
  • A brush(it could  be hair dying brush)
  • A wax heater pot

Just heat paraffin wax in low heating pan and then at bearable degree of heat apply this melted wax on your hand and wear rubber glove for an hour and then remove it just like a sticker,you will now with a very soft and cleanest hands than ever.

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