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Healthy Diet & Exercise Tips – During Pregnancy

Healthy Diet & Exercise Tips - During Pregnancy Its great feeling for a mother having a beautiful,loving and healthy kid in her hand,but most important and most responsible for this is she herself, if she take good care of herself during pregnancy then she definitely have a healthy baby in her hands after delivery.Healthy Diet & Exercise Tips - During Pregnancy

Healthy Diet & Exercise Tips

There are several things that a mother must keep in her mind very clear just like she need not to ignore any kind of changing during her pregnancy as medical care of a women during pregnancy has it worth all over the world.If a pregnant lady feel any kind of random change in her physique then she should consult a doctor for better guidance than strictly follow the doctor advice regarding her present condition.Healthy Diet & Exercise Tips - During Pregnancy

Healthy & Balance Diet is very important for mother and hid child during pregnancy and lactation.

What Should A Pregnant Women Eat:

1-Mother should eat food having folic acid in it, Nuts are the main source of folic acid as well as in green leaf vegetables are enrich in folic acid so pregnant woman should take regularly a sufficient amount of these food.Folic acid is responsible for the mantle growth of a child as well as reduce the chance  of miscarriage.

2-Beans and wheat are the good source of fibers that are very important in balance diet so eat non refined wheat flour for the best result.

3-Fruits are good source of getting vitamins as C, H,K and A. In citrus fruits vitamin C is in  rich amount that is very useful for the absorption of iron in body that is very important for the health of growing fetus and her mother.

4-Meat and Fish is very important for the gain of essential oil, iron and protein.Milk is also a good source of getting essential protein,so mother must take a glass of milk during pregnancy along with supplement advice by her doctor.

What Should Not Eat During Pregnancy:

1-Refined flour.

2-Cakes and chocolates.

3-Spicy food.

4-Self medication.

5-Fast foods and carbonated drinks.

6-Uncooked meat.

Exercise During Pregnancy:

“You need to be physically active during pregnancy. It has terrific benefits that are associated with a better pregnancy outcome and even shorter labors. It’s a win-win for baby and for mom,” says high-risk pregnancy expert Laura Riley, MD, spokeswoman for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and author of Pregnancy: You and Your Baby.

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