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Help For Parents

Help For ParentsThere are lot of people who were very excited about the news of becoming  parent. After the birth of a child both mama and papa began to plan about their kid but they are unaware of the fact how much important it is and how they can handle the situation.

In the first year of your child you must observe lot of physical body changes its weight increase most rapidly than whole life and his body requirement changes gradually from milk to solid food that help him to improve his immune system and made him strong,but in the first three months mother feed is most important after that time period you can start other liquid food.

In first Five years of the kids life parent can turn him towards good habits and could be made their child more mannered person and turned him into a good student as well good citizen of a country.

From the age of five and above than five till ten child want to make his own life and many things don’t want to share with his parents, in this time parent should work with patience and give their kid a confidence by engaging him into healthy activities like gardening and keeping pet.When you keep pet then be careful about the emotion of your kid toward that pet and you should need to encourage your kid while he or she take good care of his pet and more over help him in doing that.

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