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Helpful Tips for Permanent Makeup

Permanent MakeupPermanent makeup has become a hottest hip these days. Some women find it an easy solution to avoid the trouble of routine cosmetics application whereas others are compelled to get permanent makeup done because of an injury or illness they’d suffered. Like any surgical or chemical procedure, the permanent makeup comes with both pros and cons.

So, if you’re considering getting it done, it’s imperative to learn the pros and cons as well as a few tips of this elective procedure beforehand.

Have Realistic Expectations

Getting permanent makeup doesn’t mean that you’ll never have to deal with the any aspects of makeup application again. The color is actually applied on top of your skin through pigments that are similar to a tattoo ink. So, you’ll at-times have to touch it up for creating the desired effect—traditional or dramatic etc. However, permanent makeup will definitely cut back on the time you spend in applying the cosmetics.

Permanent Makeup-

Hire a Board-Certified Expert

If you decide to get permanent makeup, you’re supposed to get it done from a board-certified expert. This will not only give you the desired results but will also minimize the odds of potential side effects to a remarkable extant. Also, you should expect the professional to be very conservative while applying the makeup initially; it’s much easier to add more color later than to remove the excess one.

Know What You Exactly Want

Needless to say, you ought to have a clear idea in mind about what type of look you exactly want before you plug ahead with the application process. You can get everything from eyeliner to lip-color, or you may want to try only one aspect of permanent makeup at a time. One more thing to keep in mind is that permanent-makeup-removal can be too painful and may cause scarring, so go for the treatment only if you want it for many years from now.

The Health Risks Linked With Permanent Makeup

As mentioned earlier, a number of health risks and side effects are also associated with permanent makeup. Allergies, scarring and skin discoloration are some common risks linked with permanent makeup. Moreover, some women have also suffered contracted diseases like HIV and hepatitis because of permanent makeup.

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