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Home Remedies For Acne

Home Remedies For AcneAcne is a skin condition that comes with pimples, scaly red skin, pinhead and black heads and no matter what you do and what kind of part of world you lives at least once in your life you get it. Sadly, we can deal with pimple easily, but that are scars that make us sad and it take ages to make them go and if you think that it is impossible to treat your acne and your scares then here are some tips for you.

First of all you need to know that there are three things that are absolutely important for your skin and these are, water, sunlight, and fresh air.

You need to eat healthy and balanced diet to reduce the inflammation of the skin, eat lots of green leafy vegetables to get clean colon and keep your system clean and add lots of good fats to get healthy oil production, chew your food properly and stop eating oily, fried and unhealthy food at all they are not good and they are not good for your face and your beauty.

Now we are sharing some Ayurvedic treatment with you and you need to find some Ayurvedic store right now. You need to make a mixture with lodhra – lodh tree, dhanyaka, coriander and vacha, acorus calcmus with water and apply that mixture over your face and wash it off with worm water after 20 minutes and you can try this 4 times a week.

Make a mask with turmeric, chandana, sandalwood and water and use it on everyday basis to get the perfect look and perfect solution of acne. Eat a teaspoon of Amla or Indian gooseberry powder twice a day, better if you eat it in the morning and in the evening and this will help your system internally and will treat your acne from inside out.

A mixture of Neem, turmeric, saffron, red sandalwood, tulsi and fuller’s earth or clay is also very good for your acne….
Make a mixture with tomato and cucumber and that will not only help your acne, but it will solve your skin issue and make and keep your skin fair too.

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