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Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

Home Remedies for Cracked HeelsCracked heels are one of the most horrible things that can completely sabotage your appearance, it is not very difficult to get beautiful feet and heels you just need to follow these simple rules and you just need to take care of your heels, if not as much as you do of your face then try to half of it and you will see that your feet look like soft silk and they will make you the center of any gather automatically.

First of all, if you have cracked heels then you need to admit that and see the reasons, if there is something wrong going on inside your own body then you need some medic al help, there are lots of reason of creaked heel which required medical help like if your body is not making oil and moisturizer, if you body is feeling dehydrated and not absorbing water the way it should or hundreds other reasons then you need to see a doctor, but you need to follow some rules to get soft heels and feet and if you do not get any kind of positive response then it means you need a doctor.

Here are some home remedies that can help your cracked heels very easily, so are you ready?

Banana pulp has a magical powers to heel cracked heels, and you just need to take one well ripped banana and apply straight to your heels and just leave it over there for some fifteen to twenty minutes and after that just wash it with plain water or ruing water and if you keep doing that regularly then you will see some results very soon , if you think that you are not getting any kind of change then add a bit of glycerin in it and apply the same method and you will surely get smooth heels.

If you feel that your heels are getting worse and they are not getting better to medication then try vegetable oil, one that you use for cooking, is very good for your cracked heels. Just wash your feet properly with soap and brush and then apply this oil and wear some thick cotton socks and every night before sleep and in the morning wash your feet properly.

Add a juice of one big lemon into a worm water and then soak your feet in it for half an hour, it will not only help your cracked heels, but it will keep your feet neat and clean and germs free too. You need to do that three times a week but no more than that.

Use virgin coconut oil for massage your heels. You can use any cream that has pure coconut oil too and this will help your heels to get smooth look and silky appearance too. Shea butter and olive oils is also a nice idea to try to help your cracked heels and rough skin, but don’t forget to wash your feet before that cause dirt will make it impossible for them to work.

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