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Home Remedies For Dry Skin

Home Remedies For Dry SkinHaving dry skin is not a big trouble but it could be irritating if you don’t care about the smoothness of your skin.Every one like to have glowing,smooth and flawless skin but this would only when you take good care of your skin.If you have no time to go to saloon then need not to worry here we tell you some very helpful Home Remedies For Dry Skin that would help you in gaining good glowing skin.

What Dry Skin Actually Needs:Dry skin need lot of moisture and scrubbing or exfoliation by which you can make your skin more alive and let it to breath.For the exfoliation you need not to rub your skin harshly but only a smooth scrub with tiny grains can be very effective.You can take a good care of your dry skin by following these steps in home with out going any where.

Moisturizing And Nourishing: Every type of skin need it but dry skin need special kind of  nourishment for this you need natural products from your kitchen that are not only effective but also very cheap with no side effect.A best nourishing Cream for your dry skin is cream of fresh boiled milk that provide essential oil to your dry skin.

Egg Yolk Skin nourishment Massage:Take two egg yolk along with few drops of almond oil mix well and apply it on your face then massage on your skin with your finger tips and then let it dry.Then with Luke warm water wash your face.After washing there is need to apply white of egg that help your skin to become more fresh and youthful.

Honey And Almond Oil Massage:This is the best way to minimize skin dryness and keep it alive.You just need three or four table spoon of honey and few drops of almond oil and make  a smooth paste.Keep this paste in refrigerator for ten min then massage your skin with this paste with a little pressure this will exfoliate your skin very well and more over you will get smooth skin free from drying effect.


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