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Home Remedies for Face Blemishes

Home Remedies for Face BlemishesEvery girl wants to possess fair, glowing and blemish-free skin. The face blemishes are actually the marks or dark patches on the facial skin that generally develop due to pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, boils, age spots, moles, freckles and other such skin conditions.

Major Causes of Blemishes

Hormonal changes, environmental factors, harsh weather conditions, sunburn, stress and pollution are the main factors which increase the risk of developing this skin condition. Most women become more prone to get blemishes on skin of face and other areas because of hormonal fluctuations during menopause, pregnancy, menstruation or puberty. Furthermore excess use of cosmetic products like foundations, creams and other similar products also cause the appearances of blemishes on facial skin.

Natural Home Remedies for Face Blemishes

Markets are flooded with the creams and ointments which are claimed very effective for eliminating face blemishes. Though these over-the-counter products can give you desired results temporarily but the chemicals present in such product may affect your skin in negative manners over the time. So, if you are worried due to face blemishes, don’t waste your money and time on purchasing cosmetic creams for skin blemishes. Instead of this, try the following natural home remedies for skin blemishes and find out the best for you.

  • One of the most effective and inexpensive home remedies for face blemishes is applying the combination of tomato juice and lemon juice for 20 minutes. Use this remedy on daily basis until complete removal of skin blemishes.
  • Make a mixture of three mashed strawberries and some vinegar. Apply it on the facial blemishes before going to sleep and rinse off next morning.
  • Another most advantageous home remedy to reduce facial blemishes is applying the paste of sandalwood powder and water.
  • Take rose water, honey and lemon juice in equal quantities and mix them properly. This mixture works excellently for reducing the skin blemishes to great extent.

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