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Home Remedies For Fair Skin

There are too many things that we can do to get healthy and fair skin and as we know that summer is knocking at our door steps and we know that our complexion and our face deal so many things during this season, but the best thing that we can do to keep our fair complexions is some home remedies and some face packs so let’s try We are going to try some simple and some really easy and famous home remedies to get fair complexion and you can use it to keep your skin safe from sunrays and sun damages too, if you are not new on this page then you can try to find more home remedies in the blog name Homemade Beauty Tips For Fair Skin too.

Turmeric & Tomato Face mask

We all know that turmeric is a magical antiseptic and it help with fair skin too so let’s try to mix two magical things to get a magical mask for fair skin and these are tomato and turmeric, and you just need to make a mask with Turmeric and Tomato juice and if you think that it is too liquid to stay on your face then you can add some gram flour in this mask too and keep it on for 20 minutes and after that wash it off with running water and if you are using gram flour then try to do a bit scrubbing too and get double benefits.

Turmeric Face pack, and this is my all summer favorite, you can use this mask everyday and you can replace it with your face wash face sop and it will show some really very good results too, so here are the brilliant mask for summer that will not only keep you fresh, oil free and fair, but it will keep your bores clean too.

Home Remedies For Fair Skin

just add one table spoon gram four, half of teaspoon of turmeric, and a table spoon yogurt and mix it well all of these things are good to make your skin good and healthy and make sure that you are using running water to wash it off and you can scrub too and this will help your pores too.

Dried Orange Peel: – this is a very refreshing and helping scrub for your skin and companion and you just need a full cup of dried and grinded orange peels and keep them in a bottle and you just need to take one table spoon of gram flour, one teaspoon of drilled powder of oranges and add a bit of turmeric and mix it with yogurt and water and apply for morning face pack and after 10 minutes scrub it off and wash with running water.

Home Remedies For Fair Skin

Milk & Honey Mask:- this is the best potion for fair and clean skin and for that you just need to add one table spoon of fresh lime juice in two tablespoon milk and let it get activate after that add small spoon of honey in it and apply that over your face with cotton buds and let it dry for 15 minutes and then scrub it off, it will not only help you getting fair complexion, but it will keep your skin clean too and lime and milk is best to clean your deep pores too.

Now I am telling you some simple tips that you can use to get healthy skin without putting so many efforts,

Home Remedies For Fair Skin-
Keep one ice cube tray in refrigerator filled with a mixture of lime and rose water and rub one ice cube daily over your face before going to bed,Rub fresh cucumber over your face for fresh looks.

Keep a spray bottle of rose water in your bag and use it throughout the day. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water.

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