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Home Remedies For Freckle

Home Remedies For Freckle
Home Remedies For Freckle

Home Remedies For Freckle:Freckles are the flat spots. As the spots are multiple and may develop randomly on skin or these spots are particular common in those people who have fair complexion. on fair complexion these spots appear on upper body skin areas like: cheeks ,nose , arms and upper shoulders. These spots appear in young age.As different people have different skin and freckles are also different according to their skin in colors. They may be radish, yellow, tan, light brown, brown and black but they are basically slightly darker than the surrounding skin .especially they become darker after sun exposure and lighten in winter months. So, here are some natural remedies for freckles that will help you DEAL WITH FRECKLES at home.

Sun Block: Don’t forget to apply sun block before going outside. When the sun rays are maximum on that time avoid going out like: from 11 to 5 pm avoid to go out. Every time try to use sun block lotion especially when you go for swimming.

Lemon Juice:For treating freckles use lemon juice because it is great tested and tried remedy from many people. On effected area apply lemon juice with your finger because it works for the place of bleach That is why lemon juice bleaches the dark spots.
Fresh Fruits:For lighten your freckles use fresh fruits. Use daily veggies and fruity masks that made of cucumber, strawberries and red carrot. Take lemon juice, red carrot juice, and orange juice with equal amount in your favorite cream it will help you to invisible your freckles.
Honey:A little amount of wheat germ stir into honey before apply on face heat honey slightly and then apply on face after some time wash your face with warm water and then rinse it with cool water . It will be the best mask for concealing your freckles.
Butter Milk:On daily Basis  apply butter milk on your freckles because it is thought to lighten them.
Caster Oil:At night before going to bed apply caster oil and vitamin E. Make mixture with lemon juice while dissolving sugar and apply it on each freckle with a brush.
Onion:Onions can also be use for removing freckles and age spots .take a slice of red onion and rub it on your freckles thrice daily and continue it until your freckles spots fade.
Watermelon and rice:Take a watermelon then make a hole in it and add some grains in it after one week take out the rice and make a paste and apply it on face.
These remedies will work magically.

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