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Home Remedies For Hair Loss

Female Hair ThinningMost people are likely to experience hair loss in their 30s due to age, excessive use of chemicals, heat tools, hormonal change, stress and an unhealthy diet and many other issues, but honestly speaking you can use home remedies and you can treat almost everything, I don’t need to think that now you getting old then you have to compromise with your beauty and appearance issues, then it is wrong, you don’t need to and you don’t have to here are some simple home remedies to get healthy and beautiful  hair even in your old age.Simple Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall

Some home remedies that always work for our hair.

Onion & garlic: – Sulphur is very good for our skin and for our hair and it is one thing that can actually increases the production of collagen in our skin and helps the hair to grow longer and thinker and Onion and garlic are rich sources of sulphur and we have been using these two things to get beautiful and healthy hair for ages, you not only get beautiful hair with that, but you get healthier and stoner hair too… Chop the onion into fine pieces and squeeze the juice out and fill a spray bottle with that and use it over your scalp everyday for about 15 minutes and then rinse with a mild shampoo.Home Remedies – How To Prevent Hair Loss

Crush a few cloves of garlic and boil it in the coconut oil and rub the both things on your scalp for 20 minutes and the wrap it over night and then wash it with running water and mild shampoo.

Coconut is very good for your hair too, coconut milk, flash and oil everything is good for your hair, as it is loaded with proteins, essential fats and minerals including potassium and iron and all of these things are very good for your hair and for your scalp too.

Henna is famous for the coloring and conditioning agent, but it is very good to make your hair healthy and strong too, you can use henna oil or you can use henna leaves on your scalp too to get the benefits, Take about 250 ml of mustard oil in a tin can and add washed and dried henna leaves in it and then boil the mixture until the leaves get totally burnt and then filter the oil and start using the oil to massage hair with that regularly.

Hibiscus is great thing for beautiful hair, Coconut oil and hibiscus are the main thing that woman use to get beautiful hair and if you have ever seen a woman of Kerala then you would see the result of these two things, Crush a few flowers of hibiscus and mix with sesame oil or coconut oil to make a fine paste. And then apply that paste on your scalp and hair and leave on for a few hours or overnight and then wash it off with running water and mild shampoo.

Pick few of these tips and start using on regular basis for best required results.

Best of luck.

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