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Home Remedies For Teething

Home Remedies For TeethingTeething is not a very good time for kids; they get so much pain, tummy issues, headache, infections, temperature and sleepless crying nights and so many other issues, I know one of the kids of my family used to cut his own fingers while he used to feel gum pains, L while I was seeing my family growing their kids and taking care of them while they were getting their milk teeth so I guess I know some very simple, effective and safe home remedies of getting teeth healthy and a bit pain free.

Chew Toys:- take your kid to market and show him some plush toys, but make sure that the material is good, they have organic toys too and they are safe too and let him pick the one attract him the most and buy that for him for healthy teething, these toys will not only help him with teeth pain, but it will push your germs too which will make it easy for teething.

Let Him suck your Finger: – if you are somewhere out and he is getting annoyed and crying due to pain.

Cold Fruit or Vegetables: – if you feel that he is getting teething pain then try to give him some frozen baby carrot, any frozen fruit or vegetable an let him suck it and chew it and I bet he will get better within two minutes.

If you think that he is getting his gums damaged then try some drops of glycerin, pour some drops on his chew able toys and that will not only help his teething, but it will help his gums too.

If you feel that he has got both of teeth of his front gums that means he can bit of the fruits and carrots or even his chew able toys so you need to be careful an make sure he don’t swallow any of that.

Wooden Teething Toys: – Chew able toys are very good and if they are made of organic plastic then it is best, but never use wood toys, never try hard material, they cannot only destroy the animal of his milk teeth, but these will damage his teeth shape too, these will give him headache too.

Chamomilla is a very good for teething pain, you just need to crush the tablet in a spoon with one drop of water and rub it over his teeth and gums. Clove oil is a very beautiful thing for pain, this will make your gums numb and so peaceful and it will help getting healthy gums and you can use Castor oil for that too.

Now at the end, as soon you feel that he is getting milk teeth start brushing his teeth but make sure you are using brush which is appropriate for the situation, and fix the time, sit down with him in the washroom and open his mouth and brush his teeth for at least 2 minutes this will make his habit of brushing the teeth and at the same time it will make the blood circulation fast which will help better teething.

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