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Homemade Body Scrub For Smoother Skin

Today we are going to help you get perfect skin of your whole body from eat to toe with a simple and homemade scrubber, we know that market is flooded with the ready to use scrubbers, but I hate to tell you that they all are loaded with the essence and artificial things, so why don’t we make one at home with our own hands which would be absolutely natural and pure, so are you ready to make scrubs at home with your own hands.Body Scrub For Smoother Skin

Body Scrub For Smoother Skin

Here are some essential homemade body scrub recipes for you, but before sharing the scrubbers with you let me tell you that when you need to scrub your body, apply lots of baby oil on your body and rub it well and give your body 20 minutes to absorb the oil and then apply the scrubber.Homemade Body Scrub For Smoother Skin
1- Take some split red lentils, let’s say one cup and make a smooth powder of it and then add some rose water and honey in it and mix well, and let it stay in room temperature for 20-30 minutes, before you apply that on your oily and massaged body and then rub it all over your body and then take a worm shower and tab dry your body.

Yogurt-Coffee Body Scrub For Smoother Skin
2- Yoghurt-Coffee is a great combination to get a moisturized and healthy body, you don’t need to take fresh coffer for that, you can take leftover too and mix lightly ground coffee powder with fresh yoghurt and apply that all over your body and give your mask 10-20 minutes time and then rub it off and you will see that your skin would seems nourished and moisturized immediately and it will help you get rid of dead cells and dry flacks too.Homemade Body Scrub For Smoother Skin1
3- Tomato and Rice is not only very good for your body, but it is very good for your face and your skin too, just take one tablespoon finally grounded rice powder, better if you use unpolished rice to make this powder and then add half of cup pure tomato and blend it well, and then apply all of that all over your body for 30-45 minutes and then scrub it off, but will very gentle hands and then take a worm shower to get beautiful skin.
4- Sugar is very good to get rid of tan and dead skin and for that you just need to keep a glass jar with finally grinded sugar and when you want to use, which BTW is every day, yes you can use it every day and then add some honey and olive oil in it and apply it all over your body and rub it off with gentle hands, it not only very good to clean your skin, but it is very healthy to get moisturizer and smooth skin too and it is very mild so you can use it everyday.
5- Yellow Lentil is very good for super sensitive skin, you just need to soak it plain water for thirty minutes and then make a fine paste of it with milk and then add a spoon of chickpea powder and then mix till it becomes a thick paste and then apply that all over your body and scrub it off after 20 minutes to get perfect skin.

Best of luck.

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