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Homemade Face Masks

Homemade Face Masks
Homemade Face Masks

Homemade Face Masks are the most common thing to use in winter season when your skin need to breath and keep moisturized in cold windy season.There are many benefits of the homemade masks in which the first one is they are cheapest and made from natural ingredients and free of chemical so that keep your skin safe from all kind of risks.When ever the season changes your skin suffer a lot and if you take precautionary measure before time or at right time then you would be safe.Here are few homemade mask for the better skin protection from environmental changes.

Egg Yolk Mask: You need an egg yolk and few drops of rose water along with 2 drops of honey,Just beat the egg yolk and then add other two ingredients and then apply this paste on your skin and let it dry and then peal off and wash your face with fresh water not too warm or cold one just the temperature of the water should be the same of your body temperature, this will leave your skin smoother and softer even in the harsh weather conditions.

Dairy Mask: This is the best for the dry skin and make this skin full of life and shiny at all.You just need to have plain yogurt and one pinch of turmeric powder and apply this on your skin and leave at least for 10 minutes then gently rub your skin to softer the outer surface of your skin then wash with fresh water.

Fruit Masks: Fruit masks are best for the combination skin and give them lively look so that you fell fresh in all seasons.Papaya and banana are the two best fruits that are use for the purpose of skin treatments.Just take en ripe big banana or papaya its your choice and up the availability of the fruit, crush to make paste and then apply it on your skin then let it on your face neck and hands for ten to fifteen minutes.

Honey Mask:Honey is the best mask for all seasons and show best result on all kind of skin tones,you just apply a small amount of honey on your face then let it on your face and neck for 10 min then wash with fresh or Luke warm water but not with the hot water.

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