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Homemade Mask For Bright Skin

Homemade Mask For Bright Skin1Today, I am going to share a face mask with you all which has become my recent favorite due to the most magical and the most beautiful result of that mask, I am talk about the natural mask which will not only help you get beautiful and healthy skin, but it will actually help you get a cleaner and moisturizer skin too and you don’t need to buy too much things for that, you will be actually able to get most of the things from your home too and for that you just need these few things.
  • Homemade tamarind pulp.
  • Herbal clay.
  • Sandalwood powder.
  • Plain organic curd.
  • Rose water.Homemade Mask For Bright Skin
First of all let me tell you that you don’t need to use tamarind pulp that you get from market, soak some of the tamarind in plain water over night and then in the morning just crush it with your hands and remove the seeds and roots and you will be able to get your own home made and free from chemicals and then take a clean bowl I would prefer a plastic bowl and then add one spoon of tamarind pulp and then add some curd in the tamarind pulp and mix with your hands or spoon it is up to you, then add clay in it and some sandalwood powder and if you feel that the mask it getting hard then you just need to add some rose water in it, just to make it smooth.
Wash your face with muslin water and then splash some worm water and then apply that mask over yr face for 20-45 minutes and then wash it away with slightly warm water, don’t rub it, don’t use soap and once it is clean, let your skin get cool down and then splash some chilled water on your face for whole 2 minutes and then tab dry it and you will love your bright glowing face since all of the ingredients are very magical.Homemade Mask For Bright Skin2
Tamarind has anti oxidants, Vitamin C, AHA and anti-bacterial properties and it is very good to clean off the dead skin from your face and help you get smoother and clear skin, it is loaded with hydra lock property which not only maintain the moisture level in your skin, but it help you get smoother and softer skin too, if you are not sensitive to it, then it would be one of the best thing that you use on your skin and as you know that curd is the one of the best belching agent that you can apply on your skin to get fairer and smoother skin.
I hope you all will give it at least a single try and I would love to know what you think about the mask.

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