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How to Apply Clump-free Mascara

How to Apply Clump-free MascaraMascara is an excellent eye-makeup product that is used for giving a clear definition to the eyelashes. But right application of mascara needs a precision and practice; otherwise you have a risk of producing a clumped look. Though many cosmetic companies now offer clump-free mascaras which help you get defined and separated eyelashes. However, some tips and tricks in this regard.

Tips & Tricks for Applying Clump-free Mascara

  • Before starting with the mascara application process, don’t forget pampering your eyelashes properly. Make it sure that your lashes are well-cleaned and free of any remnants of old makeup, dirt or any oily content. For this, wash your face and eyes using a good-quality face-cleanser. Allow your lashes to dry completely before beginning the mascara application process.
  • After pampering your eyelashes thoroughly, apply other makeup products like eye-makeup primer, eye shadow, eye liner etc. Then apply an eyelash primer to create a base for mascara. The eyelash primer helps your mascara slide through the eyelashes without clumping.
  • For applying the mascara perfectly, use a new disposable wand every time. Open your mascara tube and dip the wand in it. Then wipe the wand free of excess mascara or any clumps by using a tissue paper.
  • Now, put the wand in the roots of the lashes and lightly move it back and forth horizontally. This procedure guarantees a perfect coating at the base of eyelashes.
  • Next, run the wand evenly and lightly through the mid and tips of eyelashes. After the completion of mascara application process, check for clumps. If you notice any minor clumps, dislodge them using the tip of mascara wand.
  • For getting a perfect look, always apply the mascara as a final step of eye make up. If you have thin and straight eyelashes, curl them using an eyelash curler before applying mascara.

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