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How To Apply Lipstick

How To Apply Lipstick
How To Apply Lipstick

There are many secrets for doing good makeup but most important thing to give your makeup final look is the application of perfect lipstick.For some women it is crucial part of makeup to get desired look but we give you simple ways to guide you to Apply Lipstick quit easily and perfectly.You can get your good looking lips in spite of dull ones.
Before application of lipstick you should choose the shade that is perfect match with your makeup type and your skin tone.It is also very important to consider about the best suited brand of lipstick.It means which Lipstick brand suits you and leaves good effect on your skin.

  • After selecting your lipstick shade you need to apply a base coat on your lips that could be any lip balm to keep your lips soft and moisturized.
  • Apply your lip liner that should be little darker than that of your lipstick.
  • Outline your lips with your best shade of lipliner.Apply this in small strockes starting from outside towards inner center of the lips.
  • Now turn to apply lipstick apply lipstick on lips to fill all the inner part of the lips surrounded by outline,Make two swipes of the lipstick, first upper lip then the lower lip.Make sure you fill all of lips with lipstick.
  • Now blot you lips with the help of blotting paper or tissue ,this will make your lipstick long lasting.But you never forget to have your lipstick in your handbag.

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