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How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

How to apply liquid eye liner
How to apply liquid eye liner

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner is a question comes in the mind of newly makeup application learners. Some times newly brides as well as the girls just start doing their own makeup by themselves find it difficult to apply perfect liquid eyeliner here we bring an effective technique to apply Liquid Eyeliner.WE will o it in few steps.

1-First clean your eyelids and then apply base coat of your desire eye shadow.

2-Now apply eye liner, start from the outer edge and apply it in small strokes so that avoid messy application.

3-Apply in small strokes to extend it towards the inner corner of the eye lid near to tear duct.

4-Now a days for liquid liner there is trend to smudge it with smudging brush to give more deep look of the eyes in account to create dramatic looking eye so you can also do this just smudge this liquid eye liner with cotton bud or if you have smudge brush then very well other wise cotton bud also give the desire look.


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