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How To Apply Perfect Eye Liner

How To Apply Perfect Eye LinerThe most tricky part of Makeup is the application of eye make up, there are many girls who prefer to do makeup by themselves, But when the turn of  eye liner come it seems much difficult to apply it perfectly. We just give you some basic techniques To Apply Perfect Eye Liner. In the market there are several eye liners of different companies and of different type like pencil eye liner, liquid eye liner as well as.

Eye Liner For Blue Eyes

Pencil eye liner are the best type of eyeliners for the the beginners, so for the application pencil  eye liner, Before start you need to sharp pencil then start  from the middle of the eyelid, apply in smart strokes and then move towards the basic eye line not extend it first apply whole eye line then apply outer side to give dramatic effect. On the outer corner just stroke away with pencil then smug this with smug brush, this will give your liner more definition.

Note: Always choose best quality eye liner pencils that have soft lead and change your liner just after one year.

Liquid  Liner is another type of eye liner that is liquid carbon black liner intense just dip and damp off the brush then apply it on your eyelids, start from the middle in small storks same as pencil eye liner just fill the base line of eye lid that must be thin in  inner corner  as compare to outer side, then at the outer corner make a flicker shape line.

Eye Liner For Blue Eyes-

Every body have trouble with this part of the eye liner application just imagine a line just start from the outer edge of your eye that is touching your tip of eye brow then draw a small line to this imaginary line and match this line with your liner line you have draw on base of eye lid this will result a small triangle there, fill it and you can see a perfect vein there.

White Eye liner: This type of eye liner is help to give your eyes more brighter and wide look. Pick a white coal liner that is in pencil form and apply in small portions of eye boarder line on lower eye lid be careful not to touch eye bolls and apply up to inner corner near to tear duct, not touch with tear duct. Apply it to the inner edge of the eye to give it broad look and then with any kind of fluffy brush smug it. You can see how bright and awake eye you have now.

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Cream/Gel Liner: Pick up an angle brush this is the perfect to apply gel liner, mac fluid line in black track apply it in small portions just close to eye lashes in little strokes, with bended brush it will be more easy to go to closer to lash line. For the outer corner dip it again and do the same thing just in liquid liner to make outer flicker shape.

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