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How To Deal With Open Pores

Today we are going to talk about open or large pores and we will make sure that you need all about this skin issue, there are many reasons of open pores, but the common one are these, Picking and touching of acne, unhealthy eating habits, dehydration of skin and body, Improper cleansing of the skin, sweat and oily skin and excessive production of natural oil in your skin and wrong use of certain cosmetics and many more, but today we are going to deal it for good and I am not saying that after these few masks you don’t need to o anything for them and you would never get open pores ever again cause as far as skin is concern there is nothing permanent, if you want a healthy and beautiful skin then you got to work for that throughout your life, I am just giving you the right path, but you got to walk on it for everyday and then I can bet you will have a beautiful and healthy skin for rest of your life.

How To Deal With Open Pores

Here is some simple mask for your open pores.

Eat healthy and fresh food and eat a large number of vegetables, fruits and herbs things and try steaming the face five minutes before toning and that will help your pores.

Peel a cucumber and whip it up with two egg whites and add one lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of brandy and half a teaspoon of ground mint and apply this mask for 20 minutes and then wash it with chilled water and you can use this mask three times a week.

Take a pinch of camphor powder and add honey and few drops of brandy in it and then apply it over your face, if you have any rash or cut on your face then it will burn a bit, but don’t worry you need to wash it after 20 minutes and then rub some ice on your face and you will see a difference immediately….
Tomato juice is best for your skin and if you are trying to get rid for your open pores then you need to mix it with honey and apply it over your face for 20 minute and then wash with chilled water and it will surely help your open pores.

Make a thick paste of corn meal with butter milk and apply that over your face for whole 45 minutes and then wash it off if you have black heads then you just need to keep it for 20 minutes and then scrub it off and it will remove your black heads too.

Alum powder is a great skin tightening agent and if you use it three times a day then it will not only deal with your open pores and acne, it will keep your skin tight and make you feel younger and fresher too and it will prevent all kind of skin issues too.

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