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How To Do A Pedicure

Fancy feet are in sandals and peep shoes so pamper your feet to get their look, pedicure is the best way to get require  result. Here we will tell you How To Do A Pedicure that is easy and with very less time you will be able to get beautiful file nailed and soft feet that are ready to wear sandals and peep toes shoes.

You Need: For pedicure you need following things that are easily available in the market and some are in your home.

How To Do A Pedicure

  • Nail polish remover.
  • Cotton balls or pads.
  • Nail clipper.
  • Nial File.
  • Cuticle  remover.
  • Cuticle orange stick.
  • Cuticle trimmer.
  • Foot scrub.
  • Pumice stone or callus file.
  • Towel.
  • Thick moisturizer.
  • Strengthening Base coat.
  •  Nial polish.
  • Shine enhancing top coat.

Now we will do our pedicure in these easy steps.

1- Remove existing nail polish with remover and cotton pads or cotton balls.

2- Clip toes nails with clipper up to desired length and shape.File the toe nails straight across to reduce the risk of getting hurt.

How To Do A Pedicure

3- Dip your feet into the bearable heated water in which you need to add Epsom salt at least 3 tbs it will soften callus and slop off dead skin.

4- Use cuticle remover and orange stick to push cuticle and remove access of cuticle lining to toe, trim access cuticle skin.

How To Do A Pedicure

5- Apply foot scrub and massage on foot and rub pumice stone to remove dead skin on the feet and heel skin. Then dry your feet with soft towel.

6- Moisturize your feet with thick moisturizer to keep natural moisture store in feet skin and soften the skin. Wipe off access lotion from your nails after the gentle massage.

How To Do A Pedicure

7- Paint your nails with strengthening  base coat. Apply two coats of your favorite nail polish then top shining coat. Let it dry at least for five minutes.

Now you are ready to try all kinds of fancy peep toes shoes and step out with lot of confident.

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