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How To Do Smokey Eyes Make Up

how to do smokey eyes make up
how to do smokey eyes

Smokey eye look very attractive specially at night parties and it make a girl look more feminine. But there is a question how to do smokey eyes, here are very simple step to do this eye make up by yourself at home.

Step 1-:Start with moisturizer and lip balm, apply moisturizer on while eye lid to make a base coat and then apply your lip balm on it, this will increase  your make up life.

Step 2-This  is very effective to line lower lid first, when ever you want to do your eye make up then start from the lower lid and apply liner or mac coal pencil on you lower lid and then Smudge the liner with pointy brush it can smudge the liner more efficiently.

  • Use Q tip to remove excess liner make you have even amount on both side or on both eyes
  • Start with less and then keep adding

Step 3:Line top lid close to lash line ant them smudge it just as you done with lower lash line start from less ad keep adding to get desire look.Apply the brown color into the crease of the eyes blended upper upto the brow bone.

Step 4:Add a dark shadow to extend this darker shade, crease brush is good for blending of the shadow.For smokey eye make up blending count a lot so keep focus on perfect blending.

Step 5:Apply eyeshadow on the top of the  liner, smudge the liner and blend the color.In the end keep blending with brush with out apply any eye shadow this will give the perfect blended look to your eye make up.

Step 6: Apply mascara into two thick coats.

Now you are ready with your perfect Smokey Eyes.


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