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How To Exfoliate Your Face And Get Smooth Skin

Exfoliate To Get Smooth SkinSkin replace the old cells with new cells every second or third day and like changing cloth it is very essential to wash these dead cells too for beautiful  and healthy skin, I like my skin and I take care of it too, and for that I clean it every day intensively, three times a day normally, and moisturizer after couple of hours, but the issues is when we suppose to exfoliate our skin, some says twice a week and some say every day, but what is the safest and the absolutely perfect way to do that.

How To Exfoliate Your FaceHow to Exfoliate Your Skin With Olive Oil and Sugar

I have been doing things for my skin from my teens, I had the one of the worse teen age periods ever, I had oily skin or if I say super oily skin then it would be great, I had pimples, cane and blackheads and white heads too, and the worst thing is I have super fair complexion which is a slightly red too, and then at that time when I thought that my skin is going to ruin my whole life, my grand ma, mother of my mom told me few things, she told me take a bath with salty water once a day and I  use salt in my bath water since then, use gram flour to wash your face and then we made a mixture for our face, one cup gram flour, one tablespoon turmeric and mix it with rose water and apply that over your face for 2 minutes and then scrub it off and wash your face with chilled water, and never ever eat oily or friend or unhealthy food ever, and then she gave me something that is the best thing one grandma could give to a granddaughter and that was alum powder.Wipe your face with a hot cloth to dampen your face Smooth the sugar on your cheeks and gently rub all over the face

Alum powder is something that you can use every day, I am not in my teens, but I am not too young too, but I have been using alum powder twice a day since then and I never get pimples, ace or anything else, I still have very oily skin and I never ever say a blackheads on my face ever again, alum powder burns a bit if you have super injure skin, but then it heels your skin very quickly and it not only heel, How To Exfoliate Your Face,it prevent skin issues too, now I will tell you how to use it, you just need to keep plain alum powder in a glass jar in your bathroom and wash your face with gram flour or with face wash and then take some alum powder in your hands and rub it all over your face in circular motions and keep it on your face for couple of minutes and then wash it off with running water, never ever use soap with that, wash it with water, and you will never get any kind of skin issues and if you keep it as your day to day routine then it will keep the winkles fine lines and soggy skin away from your skin too and if you use it every day( I use it three times a day and I have been doing that for more than 10 years without any side effects) then you don’t need to scrub your skin with anything else.

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