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How To Fix Makeup Mistakes

How To Fix Makeup MistakesWe all face some kind of issues in our lives, we all make mistakes in the rush to get to work on time, and we sometime, end up applying powder thickly, sweeping on too much blush or smudging eye makeup all over the place and some even worse and bad blunders, but today we are going to solve some of your makeup blunders for you and we will make sure that you know what to do and what will solve the issue.

How To Fix Makeup Mistakes-

Make up issues can be happen to everyone and I bet everyone try to fix it a bit before saying remove everything and start over again, but today we will give you some simple ideas that can help you with your make up blunders, one of the most simplest thing that you can try with almost everything is, take some make up remover and dip a small and strong cotton bud with it and remove whatever is smudging.

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First of all if you don’t have time to fix things then try not to mess them, if you are applying a makeup and you think that you don’t have time to fix it then slowdown and don’t add too much, don’t pile on too much and if you have and now you don’t have time to wash your face and start all over again then try this,

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if you have used cakey foundation, or makeup that looks thick and crinkly and now you need to fix it then take a wet and moisturized sponge and mist your face with a water atomizer and smoother out your makeup with the slightly wet sponge and when it is smooth down then you just need to add some blushed and you are ready to go, don’t forget the key of best looking make up, its blending.

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Splotches of mascara or eyeliner are spreading all over your eyes except there where they suppose to be and that happen when you use the tools with hurry and you think that you will be just fine and if you end up with a Goth look and you want to get rid of it then you just need to take a cotton bud and dip one end in moisturizer or makeup remover and you need to remove the excessive though and then , softly gently rub the smudge off and then let the skin get dry and then you can apply that all over again.

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If you suddenly realized that you are wearing too much blusher and it is making you look like a cheap retro girl with red dots on her cheeks then you don’t need to get panicked, just calm down and take a clean fluffy brush to remove the excess product and you need to keep rubbing till you see that it is perfectly fine now and if you have applied the creamy one then you just need to add some simple moisturizer on your cheeks and blend until it’s the right color.

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