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How to Get Perfect Skin

How to Get Perfect SkinFirst of all, if you want to look young and fresh you need to drink lots of lots of water and when I say water I mean plain natural water, not processed one or not that you get from drug stores, take a bottle with you throughout the day and fill up it again and again and you need to drink at least 12 glasses of water during a whole day and try not to add any kind of calories in it, you can add green tea in it, but nothing else.

The other important things I eating healthy food, drink good and eat all the healthy food that you like, salads, greens, vegetables, lean proteins, grain, whole grain and try to eat uncooked food as much s you can, but there is one thing that you need to keep in mind when you are changing your life style, eat small portions and eat one serving of one thing, if you are eating fruits then eat one apple or two banana at a time, don’t eat more than that cause this will start making you healthy fat and fat is bad no matter which kind so don’t get fat get healthy so whatever you eat, burn it off before going to bed and when you go to sleep it is very important that you don’t have anything hard or solid in your system, drink water or one glass of milk before you go to sleep, but if you are drinking milk then don’t forget to brush your teeth before sleep.

Try to avoid all kind of harsh and strong products, use baby shampoo, baby gels of body wash, use mild cleanser and moisturize and if it’s possible then use some home made products rather then cosmetic skin care and you will see that not instantly, but gradually you will start getting healthy skin, if its written on the bottle that you will get healthy looking skin over night that means it is rather lying or it is as harsh that it can actually destroy the natural layer of your face or body so don’t use it.

Keep one cleansing or facial routine and follow that regularly, you need to keep your skin and all skin pores not only clean, but you got to keep your skin dead skin less and dead cells less, but stay in moderation, you can clean your skin every day, but try to get one deep cleaning session twice a month and scrub off all the dead cells every third day but keep moisturizing your skin after every wash.

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