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How to Get Rid of Stitch Scars

How to Get Rid of Stitch ScarsStitches are good and important and if have a skin cut that need ages to heel up, they are god no doubt, but when they heal the wound or cut they leave marks, horrible scars on the same place and if you don’t want to see these horrible scars then try these steps and you will soon be able to fed them off completely.

First step is massaging the affected area very carefully and very gently after the stitches have been removed, actually we get scars when our skin fails to produce the natural oil and when we provide the perfect oils to that are this actually help us getting sacra free recovery, massaging will increases the blood circulation leave and it will help your wounds and recovery too, you got to massage this area few times a day and be very careful and gentle, you can use any kind of vanishing cream for that or you can use any essential oils for that, if you ask me then I would recommend you bio-oil for that, one of the most effective oils I know for scars.

Another thing that you can do to get rid of these scars is Exfoliation; you need to keep an eye on dead cells and dead skins if you want to get new and fresh skin as soon as possible, if it is possible and safe then try to remove all the dead skin three times a week from the area and if you feel that this can make things worse then try 4 times a week, but as I have been saying, be very gentle and very careful. I am not saying that you will get some immediate result, but I assure you that you will get some very positive result really soon.

Another brilliant idea is some scars cream, if you could ask your doctor or your dermatologist that which dream or lotion is good for you or your scars then he probably would recommend some dermabrasion and that is a mediated way to treat your scars mark which would not only help with your scars, but will heal up your wound more properly The procedure sands away the damaged outer skin layers with a special instrument, allowing smoother, healthier skin to replace it.

You can try some laser treatment to remove damaged portions of skin too and you can try plastic surgery too, but personally I am not very much fan of technology or medical help regarding looks and appearance so it is better to get rid of these scar with natural treatments rather than technology.

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