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How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

How to Keep Your Skin HydratedKeeping your skin well-hydrated is essential to maintain its natural glow and healthiness. Several environmental and habitual factors combine together to make your skin dry, lack-luster and dull. Dry skin not only expresses the symptoms of exhaustion and fatigue very quickly but it can also cause irritation and itchiness.

Dry and cold winds, low humidity, high temperatures, excess use of chemical-based products are the main causes of dehydration of body that shows on both the inside and the surface of skin. Here are some basic steps to keep your skin hydrated.

Steps to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

  1. Anything which you consume reflects on the outside. The first thing you should do for keeping your body well-hydrated is drinking a lot of water. Most health specialists recommend drinking more than two liters a day. Enough intake of water also cleanses your body from the toxins. Cut off caffeine and alcohol based products from your daily diet plan, replace them with fresh juices.
  2. Don’t use the soaps and body cleansers which contain harsh chemicals. Always look for the soaps and cleansing products that have moisturizer added in them. Another thing which should be kept in mind is avoid using too hot water for washing your skin or taking a bath.
  3. The foods rich in anti-oxidants help you in re-hydrating the skin. You can consume adequate amount of leafy green vegetables, sweet juicy fruits, squashes, beans and tomatoes in this regard.
  4. Massage your skin with a moisturizing body cream or lotion just after taking a bath. Make a habit to moisturize your skin whenever you wash it. The moisturizing cream or lotion helps to lock the moisture in your skin.
  5. Your body may lose its natural moisture due to the excess exposure to harsh sunrays. So, protect yourself using an umbrella or sunscreen while going into the sun.

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