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How To Look Fresh And Flawless

How To Look Fresh And FlawlessWe are sharing some simple tips with you and if you use them with regularity you will feel good and you will feel fresh and naturally glowing. F you use hot water your steam your face then start using hot milk for your cleaning and that will help you. you just need to take half of cup of boiling milk and soak a small towel in it and spread that over your face and cover it with a thick towel and let your pores absorb the hotness of milk with all the nutritional benefits.

Make a thick past with honey and two crushed aspirin tablets and apply that over your face for 20 minutes and then wash it off with running water and the beta-hydroxy acid which is one of the main ingredient of tablet will not only help you skin feel glowing and fresh but it will increase the elasticity too. Use a thick past of cucumber and mint and apply that for 20 minutes every day and that will not only keep your skin look fresh and healthy, but it will make your skin fairer and smoother.

How To Look Fresh And Flawless-

Take three cups of fresh organic roses and make a fine paste of these petals and keep it in your refrigerator and you just need to add one tea spoon of that past with one teaspoon fresh cream and massage your face with that and after that wash it off after 10 -20 minutes and feel the fresh pinkish glow in one week.

Make a pure juice of beetroot and with the help of a lip brush apply some on your lips, but make sure that you are not applying over the lip line cause that juice will leave a shade that will take three to four day to go and you can try this for natural looking lips.

Eat healthy fruits and vegetable and drink lots of water to look fresh from inside out.

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