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How to Make an Eye Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Your Eyes, Make up TutorialsI was born with dark brown eyes and if it is one of the most easy and the most specious kind of eyes then they are one of the most difficult eye shade too and brown eye makeup lose its power if not applied properly, today we are going to try a very simple makeup for very cute light shade of eyes and I am using very light shade of brown with very bright and radiant yellow with that.Bold Blue Winged Liner Makeup Tutorial

We will start with plain moisturized eyes and I am using a tone darker base for that look, now we will apply moisturizer and then primer because I am using powder shadows so I need something to work as glue for that look.Bold Blue Winged Liner Makeup Tutorial for YouTube

Then we will take a light pinkish and fair eye shadow base and rub it all over the lid, from lash to brow and then we will take brightest yellow shade with pencil brush and apply on then inner corner of the eyes, almost cover the whole tear point with that, then we will take cinnamon brown shade and apply on the center of the eyes and then blend it well with blending brush, but blend outward, don’t touch yellow shade at all, we are done with that, we will not touch it at all.Golden Blue Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Now we will take light pinkish browns shade and rub over the crease, you need to bled brown with that pinkish brown shade well to help the look, now we need the darkest brown shade and apply on the outer end of the lid and then blend in V shape to add some intensity in your look, take silver highlighter and apply on the bone and some under the lower lash line to increase the brightness in your look.How To Get The Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Now you just need to take black gel liner and line the rim of your eyes and let the upper wing extend at the corner and finish the look with mascara.

You are ready to rock any party you like.

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