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How To Make Eyes Look Bigger with makeup

Clever Makeup Tips To Make YourIf you want to have bigger and more prominent eyes then you need to lean clever make-up techniques, , you need to learn how to create the illusion, you need to play with shades and you need to add some tricks and angle to make it look like you have beautiful  perfectly shaped big eye, and the key is practice, keep practicing till you get the right kind of results. There are some ways and makeup tips to make small eyes look bigger.how to make eyes look bigger with makeup

Here are some tips to make small eyes look bigger and more prominent:Tips To Get Bigger Looking Eyes

Start with groomed eyebrows, never ever apply make up with unshaped and rough looking eye brows cause that will only make your look clumsy and unattractive, whereas, if you keep your eye brows well groomed and well shaped, you will actually see it will make your eyes look better and prettier and after that apply eye shade matching to your eye brows and blend well, it is very important to look perfect.Bridal Makeup, Beautiful Arabic Eye Makeup

Next thing that you need to pay attention is, your dark circles, you have to use the right kind of Conceal for your under-eye dark circles, cause It will not make your eyes bigger and more beautiful and pleasant and use a shade lighter foundation over your eyes to get brighter and fresher look.

Use white eye shadow, if you don’t want to use the light or plain white shade then use light base shade all over the lid and then rub it over the crease and brow bone too, using white/ other light colored eye shadow or white eye pencil near the tear duct,  will give you the illusion of opened-up eyes.

Apply liner, but not over do the liner causes that will close down your eyes, I always say that if you are applying liner over your upper lash line then apply a thin liner on 1/3 of your lower lash line, but not on your water line, avoid applying kajal on the inner rim of the lower lash-line, instead use nude shade and make sure it don’t get muddy with Kajal or liner.

Use thick coat of mascara and/ or false eye lashes and use lash curler cause that will pop open your eyes, but if you are applying mascara on lower lash line then use a lighter one, actually try two shades of mascaras, like black for upper one and dark brown for lower one and it will help your eyes to look beautiful and fresh.

Use bright highlighter under your lower lash line and blend in triangle shape and it will help your eye look bright and bigger.

Best of luck.

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