How to Make Soft Dreads More Appealing

How to Make Soft Dreads More AppealingThere are many tricks to make dreads to give you more attractive and beautiful.All the tricks and tips are of their own importance and suits many people.Here we bring a very easy trick to Make Soft Dreads More Appealing.

It is not compulsory to have unwashed hair for making dreads even if you wash your hair then you can also able to make dreads.

First of all you need to apply hair spray on your hair before doing any thing then spray water on your hair and let for one minute than lift a small portion of your hair and twist it from bottom to top of your hair than take another one until all of your hair complete.Let it only for twenty minutes in this time you can do your make up.

Now you need not to spray again just take a small quantity of hair gel mix in  water and spray and spray it on your final soft dreads, I assure you this will not effected bad on your hair and give your look more Appealing.

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