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How To Make Your Eye Makeup Last Longer?

How to make your eye makeup last longer?Many girls face the makeup problems but most common is the short time span of the makeup perfect look for long hours, many girls face this problem of fading eye makeup soon so we have some tricks to over come this problem and by using these tips you really increase the life time of your makeup.With following tricks you can make your makeup Last Longer.

  • Makeup fade due to the appearance of access oil on your skin,so you need to priming your eyelids with oil free foundation so that access oil will be absorb and you will left with clean and clear skin ready for makeup application.
  • Makeup on eyes can be make last longer with the help of liquid primer by mac that specially make for this purpose so, Use a good primer that will stop the creases and it also give you a nice smooth¬† skin try MAC primmer.
  • If you have the problem of excess oiling then after the application of liquid foundation apply powder and with your hands just damping it and then again apply your powder base with brush with very light hands and let it foe few minutes in front of cool air may stand for few minutes in front of room AC.After this you can apply eyeshadow that will stay on your eyes for last longer.
  • For eyeliner long life you just apply pencil eye liner and then on this you apply liquid eyeliner this will make its stay all the day perfectly.

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