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How to Naturally Treat Uneven Skin Tone on Your Face

How to Naturally Treat Uneven SkinA perfect skin is the key to a perfect flawless beauty, if you have perfect skin, smooth, flawless then you don’t really need to work too hard on your skin, you can enjoy perfect looks with a small tint moisturizer and so, but today one common complaint that all beauty conscious ladies make is that their skin tone is turning uneven, which is actually the unbalanced or irregular skin texture or skin coloration, and you cannot only treat it, but you can actually prevent that too, if you are in your 20+ and you have beautiful  skin then you are blessed, but don’t think that you will never face that issue in your life, work from now to enjoy beautiful  skin till your 80 some.Here's an inexpensive way to treat uneven skin tone

Here are some simple tips that you should try to treat and prevent uneven skin tone naturally.Uneven Skin Tone Treatment

1-The root of all skin issues is the germs, contaminants, dirt etc trapped in our skin pores and thus sufficient cleansing should be the first step to get an even skin tone, you need to follow a full skin cleaning routine and for that try Salicylic acid facial cleanser or an herbal cleanser, specifically the tea tree oil face washes and they all work perfect for your skin, but I would say use yogurt and turmeric for that, make a paste and apply all over your face till it get dry and then scrub it off, it is mild and affective and you can use it everyday.

2-Next thing that you need to do is, keep your skin dead cells free, no matter how smooth and sweet your skin looks, you have to clean it thoroughly every third day, take steam for good 10-15 minutes and then scrub your face, I normally say you can use any homemade scrub you like, but nothing work better than rice mask for your uneven skin tone, take rice flour and mix it with black tea and add some lemon in it, if you have super sanative skin then you can add some honey in it and apply it all over your face till it get dry, it will take some 10-20 minutes and then wet your hands with black tea and tab your face with that and scrub your face in small circulation  and scrub it off and wash your face with warm water and then splash chilled water all over your face.

3-For my homemade exfoliating scrubs I use salt and lemon juice scrub too, it is simple and light, you don’t really have to scrub your face with that, just apply it all over your face and let it get dry and then wash it off with warm water and muslin cloth and it will not only clean your skin, but control the oil issues and marks issues too…
4-    Sun block is another very important thing for your face, it will not only solve your uneven skin tone issues, it will protect your skin form tan and unhealthy harsh rays too.

5-Skin Whitening Facial Masks are great for your skin issue, you can try my all time favorite mask made out of a mixture of papaya pulp, dried orange rind powder and lemon juice, you can mix it with raw milk, turmeric powder and rose water and you can use it every other day, it is great for your skin and it nourish your skin too, another mask that you can try is yogurt and chickpea flour mask, this is great to remove tan, blemishes on your skin and even your skin tone to a great extent.

Best of luck

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