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How To Rock Bright Bottoms

If you want to wear bright bottoms during this bright and worm season then you need to know how to carry them off without looking like a fashion victim and if you need some ideas to avoid fashion fails then you need to be really careful cause we all know how does a bright bottom look with a bad pick of top.

The bright summer brought the bright color trends for men and woman, colorful pants skirts, shorts and long dresses are rocking the bright shiny sunshine and if you know how to maintain that and how to carry these shiny bright bottom you actually look really good.

Here are some simple tips for you to try with these bottoms

How To Rock Bright Bottoms

All you need on top of these pants is a thin white basic T-shirt – either V-neck or round in jersey fabric, but don’t use collared one they look absolutely horrible with these pieces, they will completely rain down on the feelings of summer flow and casual look, you need to understand that these are good for fresh-free-bird feeling so dine match it up with any formal pieces

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If you are not a very big fan of belt then it is okay because it is not completely necessary for this look, but if you really have to or if you really want to add some then canvas belts with something bright or some square metal will be okay with that, but make sure you are not using large buckles cause they will make your free birds wings heavy, if you can then pick the same color, I said color not the shade, stay on the same page and pick the same family of the colors , but you can be as innovative with the shade as possible.

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Loafers or boater shoes, in navy, grey, brown or colors are the ideal footwear, but I did not say that your casual ankle highs and sneakers are completely out of this look, you can use canvas trainers too and if you love the casual chapel looks then you can try chunky leather chapels too.

Learn the rules like a pro so that you can break them like an artist.

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