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How To stand out On this Wedding Season


Wedding season is Pakistan always ready so some time it is tiring because the wedding function is consist on dholkies, mehndies, mayooys , barat and wallimas. And these functions are axhausting for the guests. So In these function every one want to look stylish and beautiful and different from the others. So every one want to adopt differnt look from the other day. So yo may get differnt look from the others while wearing deifferent dresses and different hairstyles. Because these two options are traditional too that’s way are perfect to show your perseonality beautiful. So at wedding function brides change their dresses and the addendanse also chane their dresses and their get up like hairstyle and makeup.How To stand out On this Wedding Season1

At wedding function many people notice their style and personality that’s way they like to look different. Something that engages the audience and makes them take a notie of you. So in our culture asian light colored eyes haev always had its charm and allure. So for looking different you may use cosmetic lens for your eyes And while useing them get your desired eyes. Lens will give you extra beautiful look. FIrstly, women and girls just use nail colors with their dresses nut in this modern era now young girls also use colored lens with their dresses shades at the wedding functions. If you want to get the colors then you must find a wide varity in market of lens and find your desired lens that suits on your eyes. You must take best quality lens because eyes are the sensitive erea and that’ sway there shouldn’t be compromise.



There are many lens in market such as grey , groovy greens, mist grey, sky blue, perky brow, cool green, warm hazel, romantic violet and babay aqua. But adopting any color you must see your eye shade and skin tone ,color of your dress and makeup then choose the lens for you. So for getting the alluring eyes you are ready to get fresh look at wedding functions with alluring eyes and dazzle the wedding fucntions affaires this season. So get the great and awesome beautiful look as a bride or as a attendece too.

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