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How To Take Care Of Skin In Monsoon( Rainy Season)

How To Take Care Of Skin In Monsoon( Rainy Season)The rainy season brings along with its share of skin harms- oily skin, open pores, boils, pustules and prickly heat. If the atmosphere is heavily polluted as in poles apart 3rd world countries, particles of grime tend to cling to the skin, bountiful at a dull gray look. Auspiciously, frequent sensitization and stimulating will help keep it looking and feeling clean.

  • Try this extraordinary skin cleaning powder, green gram powder one tabs. Bangle gram powder one tab s fenugreek seed powder one tabs, use a teaspoon of this powder diverse with rose water on your face daily.

Even if your skin is well balanced or slightly dry, it may be a good idea to change your moisturizer for very frivolous on formulated for an oily skin, which resolve feel less sticky.

  • To combat a Greece skin and open pores- wash your face three times daily with a mild soap. Rinse of every trace of soap of with warm water then cold water. Use an astringent.
  • Every night, drink a glass of water with a crystal of rock salt and a juice of half a lemon. Use the other half of the lemon in your facemask, mix with a teaspoon of honey and egg white. Do it every day for six to eight weeks and see a remarkable improvement in your skin.

During the rainy season when there is profuse sweating and the body is not exposed to air, red crystal of the size of mustered grains appear on the body specially chest, back, abdomen and forehead. There is a lot of itching.

  • TO stay away from prickly heat and to sooth it, twice a day dusts a body copiously with equal quantities of boric powder, sandal wood powder and talcum powder.
  • Fuller’s earth (multani mitti) dissolved in water into a thin paste should be applied over the affect parts. When the paste dries, a cold bath should be taken. Yogurt applied to the affected areas before a bath also helps to give relief to prickly heat.

Those of you subject to prickly heat should take cooling drinks and increase the intake of liquids.

Boils are caused by the bacterial infection in the roots of the hair. A red swelling forms around the hair and causes a great deal of irritation and scratching. There is pain and some times pus.

  • To sub side the growth in its preliminary stage, apply black cumin seed ground in water over the infected parts.
  • For frequent appearance of infected pimples on the face, apply neem tree bark ground in water. The face should also be washed with warm water in which neem leaves has been heated.

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