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How To Wear Black Eye Make Up & Black Eye Makeup Tips

Black eye makeup is all time and most applied makeup in worldwide and we all know that this is the most difficult one too, cause if you just lose a bit focus you will end up with Goth looking makeup and you will look horrible rather than looking sexy and fascinating.

Black Eye MakeupBlack Eye Makeup

I know it seems you just need to put all black make up you have to apply over your eye lid and you will good to go, but that is not true it take some expert strokes to get the perfect looks and lots’ of practice and soon you will be able to get the celebrity look at home without speeding any money. so are you ready?How to Apply Glitter Eye Shadow

You just need following things to get the best black smoky eyes. and you can use those 100s of times and soon you will be the expert in black eye makeup.How To Wear Dark Eye Makeup

Liquid eye liner, mascara, Silver eye shadow and some other dark shades of black and gray, you can try these too with mixing them silver highlighter and that can create the smoky impression too, neutral eye shadow, like peach, some bronze and copper, face powder, eye pencil, any light natural shade of blush-on and here are the tips how to get the perfect look with black eye makeup.Black Eye Makeup Tips

You need to make your face ready for such kind of intensive eye makeup and for that apply moisturizer on your washed face and then apply some foundation over your whole face, but make sure you are using one to two points lighter shades and blend it as much as you can and make sure that you have blended it like it seems your another skin.

Now apply some face powder over your face, lips and your eyes too, you can use foundation on your lips too to make them look more smooth for the lipstick and don’t forget to apply foundation and face powder over your eye lid and your lashes too this will help you to create the look.How To Wear Black Eye Make Up & Black Eye Makeup Tips

So now you need to start with your eye first before then your cheeks and lips, first of all make foundation is done and smooth absorbed and now apply some neutral color eye shadow on your eye from the edge of your lashes till your eyebrows and blend it well.Now apply your silver eye shade as a highlighter and blend it with your own pores raters then using any blending puff or brush and now add some black shades in your make up.Inspiring Black Smokey Eye Make Up Ideas

Now apply some black shade and you can pick few shades of black over your eyes and mix and blend them well and try to use your own fingers pores for the best results possible and keep some wipes with you and never forget to wipe your finger off before picking another shade, mix all the shades an shimmery applications very well that they seems one.

Now apply liquid black eye liner and black mascara and after that never forget to use lash curler and then apply another coat of mascara. On both edges of your eyes, don’t miss the lower one you want to get the best look possible.

Now just apply the blusher and lipstick and you are ready to rock, try to pick lipstick rather than lip gloss, because they might not look good with your smoky eyes.

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