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If You Want Your Skin Look Whiter

If You Want Your Skin Look WhiterIf You Want Your Skin Look Whiter,then you must keep this thing  in your mind very clear that is:

Whiter skin is not better than clear skin as there is a difference in clear skin and white skin.Clear skin the skin with even tone and have no any kind of marks and white or black head or spots on it.

You should try to take good care of skin to keep it more alive and clear and we have some very effective beauty tips that really work to make your skin more clear and alive that gives you actual beauty.

Very Effective Tips For Clear Skin:

  • Honey and lemon mask is good skin tonic that can be intake as well apply on your skin it in both cases work very effectively on your skin.In the morning time a glass of water with few drops of lemon and 1tbs of honey make your skin very fresh and shiny.
  • Honey and lemon paste apply on your face for 15 minute twice a week,this will keep your skin really glowing.
  • Oat meal powder and rose water paste is also work to make your skin more clear and its regular use lighten your skin and remove all kind of marks on your skin.
  • Apple mask is also a skin lightening agent that work on your skin to lighten its tone,peal off an apple and and grind it to make a paste to apply on your skin,after 15 minutes wash your face with Luke warm water.


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