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In Home Massage

In Home MassageA regular massage can have many reimbursement, as well as helping your self to calm down, a holistic massage such as shiatsu, works on energy channels of the body and can help liberate blockages and endorse a better flow of energy. Massage also helps alleviate muscles apprehension, which can be useful for someone who spends a lot of in the office or driving. It also improves circulation and encourages lymph drainage, helping the body get rid of toxins. It calms the nervous system inducing deep relaxation that helps combat stress, and is an ideal form of relaxation for men and women who lead busy lifestyle.

For the home massage, you have to take help from your partner who can help you better in giving you relaxation. Most of massage sessions take around 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the type of massage. At home, your partner should consider your massage practitioner, you at the time of massage need to wear loose comfortable dresses as usually Eastern people like to do, while in Western style people like to take off clothes.

Basic Massage Technique: here are some basic guidelines for massage, which you help you, better.

  • Enjoy yourself-massage in a spirit of calmness and love.
  • Do not massage just after a meal.
  • Start very gently with light stroke for a short time.
  • First, take only five minutes only to massage then increase time from ten to twenty minutes for back and neck muscles.
  • Keep your body warm and make sure you are comfortable. You can sit on the floor with your partner on a towel between your legs.

Head Massage: Supporting head of your partner, kneel behind him/her to massage neck muscles. Gently turn the head keeping it well supported. With the heel of your hand, slowly massage downwards from her/ him face.

Neck Relaxing Massage: Slowly stroke up the back of the neck with both thumbs. Make circular movements away from the center of the neck. Massage all around the base of the skull.

Stroking His/Her Brows: Gently massage her forehead and temples with both hands, simultaneously.Using your fingers, make light, globular movements from the center of forehead outwards. Run your fingers out over her hair.

Note: Aromatic oils can greatly enhance your massage, plateful your feel tranquil and revitalized. Their diverse scent also helps conjure up wonderful images.

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