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Inspiring Makeup Tips

Inspiring Makeup TipsIf you want to get perfect flawless look then moisturize your face and hands first thing before make up, and when you moisturize your body then sit down a bit and then see if you need to wipe off any excessive oil from your skin and then apply foundation, moisturizer make it easy to apply all applications.

If you think that your eyes are small and sharp then try to use applications and foundations that help to make your eyes brighten up, you can use highlighter in the middle of your eye lid and blend it well to get the best results, use silver and white eye pencil to get perfect looks,

Use best products possible and best brands possible if you think that you cannot afford everything of best brand then try to buy best mascara foundation and lipsticks, If you planning to go out without any kind of cosmetic then try to use hot pink lipstick that will not only give you a shinny look, but it will make you look perfectly ready to attend any foundation.

According to her, no matter what kind of face you have or what kind of features you have to try contorting and always try to use mineral bronzer which is the most perfect thing to use for contorting.

If you have bright beautiful eyes then never forget eye liner and if you have sharp nose then never forget to make it more prominent with mineral bronze , try to use healthy looking make up, cause it is fun to look beautiful and healthy rather then weak and dull just cause it is trendy.

Always buy a foundation according to your own skin color rather than the color you want, if you think that by using lighter or darker shades of foundation you look good then you are wrong, you would rather looking funny and horrible and artificial.
If you never use blush before then start with using peach or pink shades rather than any sharp or bold and no matter what you think about that or what is the trend is, you got to stick with cheeks apple, always make very merged small circles over your apples and see if you can mix it well, blending is the key of make up.

If you are using any kind of lip liner then blend it very well with your lipstick or lip shades, it should be impossible to defined a line between lip liner or lip gloss or lip shades, you got to blend it perfect ally.

When you think you are done to go out then stand in front of mirror and look at yourself with very detailed look and see if that is the look you wanted to create.

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